Our Communities Are Better Because of You!

Together with thousands of others, you have done something amazing. During Give Local Waterbury and Litchfield Hills 2016 you gave the gifts of hope, hot meals, medical care, music, clean water, job training, performances, hiking trails, and more to communities across our region.

Give Local 2016 raised over $1.2 million for local nonprofit organizations, thanks to over 6,900 gifts from you and your neighbors!

This total also includes over $125,000 in bonus funds and over $52,000 in cash prizes donated by Connecticut Community Foundation and our generous sponsors. We far surpassed last year's totals (while overcoming technical issues!).

To view the dollars raised for all the participating nonprofits, visit the Leaderboard.

To our nonprofits: We applaud and appreciate the work you do!

To donors: Your generosity has made our region shine brighter. If you haven’t already taken our donor survey, we would love your feedback! 

If you need a copy of your receipt, please type your email address into the box to the right.

For any other issues, contact GiveLocal@conncf.org

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