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Volunteer Fire Department of Prospect, Inc.

The Volunteer Fire Department of Prospect provides services necessary to minimize the loss of life and/or property threatened by the hazards of fire, explosions, medical, chemical and rescue for the Town of Prospect, including its residents and visitors. The department services the residents of Prospect as well as neighboring towns, departments and residents in times of emergencies. The responsibility is to provide fire prevention and suppression services, in addition to emergency medical services and management of hazardous materials situations to all communities. As part of a smaller community, the department plays a significant role in helping to maintain community wellness. Members help lead the community and residents on many levels that extend past just fire and ems service. They are committed to being role models and demonstrate their commitment and leadership everyday.
Give Local Funds will be used to continue to training and knowledge that the department needs to continue to meet the needs of a growing community. With recent increases in training, it is becoming more and more difficult for members to achieve initial training on their own and to continue it once in the department. These funds will help to advance skills and prepare the department for changes in the fire industry and also educate members on new opportunities to work safer and accomplish positive results on emergency scenes. These funds will also help to purchase new equipment to maintain the consistency of responses that the fire department makes. Reliance on tools is essential in the response and success of the department. Equipment is very costly and has to be updated routinely to stay in compliance with local, state and federal standards.

26 New Haven Road
Prospect, CT 06712

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