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The Institute for American Indian Studies

The Institute for American Indian Studies (IAIS) is a museum and research center in Washington, CT. IAIS preserves through discovery and education the vitality, cultural knowledge, and traditions of Native American Peoples with a focus on Eastern Woodland Communities. Our exhibits feature 12,000 years of human history and lifeways though artifacts and art from across America. The 15 acres of the museum’s natural surroundings contain trails, a medicinal garden and a replicated village. The museum collections, housed in the research center, include over 355,000 Native American artifacts, and ethnographic items, libraries, and archival records. Museum programming includes an archaeology club, festivals, workshops, programming for adults and children, and academic lectures. Our education department serves over 10,000 school children annually from the tri-state area with hands-on programs and curriculum aligned to Connecticut State Standards. The IAIS is open five days a week, year-round.
Our replicated village at IAIS is a highlight for many visitors and school groups. The replicated Wigwams and Sachem’s House open a window into the daily life of the people who lived in Connecticut for thousands of years before European contact. Entering and exploring these structures helps illuminate for visitors exactly how and why these structures were built. All the structures are constructed using traditional techniques and materials, requiring ongoing maintenance and care. Every so often we must completely reconstruct the structures as they are not a style of housing intended to last forever. The lifespan of our current structures are nearing an end and the time has come to reconstruct our village. A portion of the funds collected during Give Local will be put toward rebuilding the structures in our village. Help the IAIS ensure that this valuable and educational resource is preserved for years to come!

38 Curtis Road
P.O. Box 1260
Washington, CT 06793

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