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St. John's Foundation, Inc

St. John’s Foundation, Inc. was created to support and sustain programs and projects in the arts; architecture; conservation of art, artifacts and musical instruments; interfaith dialogue, ethics, and spirituality, through, but not limited to, the preservation and restoration of historically significant buildings, sponsorship of publications, seminars and symposiums.
St. John’s Foundation is currently engaged in the restoration of the 100 year old stone Church located on the Green in Washington, CT. The Church was designed by Ehrick K. Rossiter and, although structurally sound, is in need of significant restoration, especially the repair and repointing of the exterior stone walls and mortar and the replacement of the cast stone work. Subject to 100 years of Connecticut winters, as well as chemical sealants applied over time, the mortar and cast stone elements of the Church, have been severely damaged: gaping holes between stones have allowed water infiltration into the interior of the Church causing erosion of plaster and a significant number of stones and cast stonework have disintegrated. The estimate for this restoration is $860,000.

78 Green Hill Road
PO Box 1278
Washington, CT 06793

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