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Pet Assistance, Inc.

Pet Assistance, Inc. helps to keep pets in their own homes, where they belong, even in times of medical and financial crises. We subsidize emergency veterinary care for pets of people in financial need. PAi believes that no pet should suffer, be surrendered or be euthanized solely because its owner lacks the funds for urgent care. Pet Assistance, Inc. abides by the ‘trickle-down theory’ of “Help People First:” Educate people about proper pet care, help them financially if need be, and the animals will be the ultimate beneficiaries. Our aid is not always financial: Our practical, educated advice, and referrals to affordable hospitals have saved pet owners thousands of dollars. Pet Assistance, Inc. also cares for and places homeless animals, primarily older pets whose owners may have died or had to move to housing that doesn't allow pets.

Box 2015
New Preston, CT 06777

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