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Naugatuck River Revival Group

The NRRG is concerned for the general health and welfare of the Naugatuck River, the wildlife, its impaired and fragile ecosystem and the residents and tourists that recreate in and along its waters. We are a non-profit group dedicated to the eradication of trash and debris in and along the Naugatuck River, to reviving its beauty and improving conditions for the wildlife that live in and around the river. The NRRG educates the public about safe recreational use of the river. The NRRG creates documentaries about the wildlife, its impairment, Greenway development and recreational use along the river for education purposes. We are presently uniting all 11 towns and cities along Connecticut's largest in-state river in an effort to start a Trash Excluder Pilot Program in each community and trying to get the CT DEEP to write Connecticut's first Trash TMDL for the Naugatuck River. When a Trash TMDL is created the foundation to eliminate trash entering the river will be set into law. The NRRG documents, cleans and protects the Naugatuck River's unique and fragile ecosystem and will actively resist any future and further negative economic externality caused by a development that adds pollutants into this increasingly improved yet (still) impaired Naugatuck River. We are actively documenting the Kinneytown Dam's destructive effect on the rivers ecosystem which holds hostage the Quality of Life for both the people and wildlife within this Valley. We were interveners against and are courant litigants with the Town of Middlebury opposing the construction of the 812 MW CPV "Facility" located in Oxford. The case is pending in the CT Superior Court.
The funds from Give Local will be purposed toward saving/archiving video. We are witness to the Naugatuck River through video storytelling. What we have and will be documenting is irreplaceable footage. Managing, preserving and authenticating our digital video from creation to cataloging to sharing is our most difficult challenge. It is important to show what exists now but it is equally important for future generations to access this data. We are committed to this end. Your gifts will help us achieve this goal.

132 Radnor Ave
Naugatuck, CT 06770

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