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Main Street Ballet Company

For nearly 30 years, Main Street Ballet Company’s mission has been to produce dance programs of excellence. We enrich the community with high quality dance performances, including full stage ballet productions, library story and dance times, and outreach to schools and retirement communities. Within our dance corps, we focus on providing young women with opportunities to build confidence, cultural understanding, and a healthy lifestyle – encouraging dancers of all shapes and sizes to reach their potential. Main Street Ballet offers professional career-path students rigorous dance training and performance opportunities, while offering students of all ability levels the opportunity to experience the joy and creativity of dance.
From the littlest Angels to the Sugar Plum Fairy, our children deserve costumes that fit. A single tutu costs over $1,000, so most dance companies only give roles to the dancers who fit existing costumes. But Main Street Ballet wants every dancer to reach their full potential. Please help us raise $9,000 to replace sixty worn-out and ill-fitting costumes with new costumes that will be loved for years to come! Because Angels Come in Different Sizes

What your donation provides:
When we reach
$800 – we will be able to supply 16 Angel costumes
$1,700 – the above, plus costumes for 12 Mice
$3,200 – adds 12 Soldier Doll costumes
$4,400 – adds 12 Trepak costumes
$4,950 – adds a new Mother Ginger costume
$5,950 – adds a Second Snow Princess tutu
$6,950 – adds a First Snow Princess tutu
$7,950 – adds a Snow Queen tutu
$9,000 – All Sixty Costumes and a New Sugar Plum Fairy Tutu

124 S. Pomperaug Avenue
Woodbury, CT 06798

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