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Lake Waramaug Task Force

The Lake Waramaug Task Force is a non-profit organization of volunteers and scientists that provides leadership in restoring and maintaining the ecology and water quality of Lake Waramaug and its watershed. The long record of research and innovative lake improvement processes developed by the task force over 40 years contributes to the knowledge other lake managers are using to improve their lake both in Connecticut and nationally. Our Mission To work with leading lake scientists to conduct research toward the best possible restoration and management solutions; Operate four in-lake restoration systems which restore the natural balance of the lake's ecosystem by improving the habitat for coldwater fish and beneficial zooplankton, and reducing harmful algae growth. Prevent invasive aquatic species from entering or gaining a foothold in the lake, under a comprehensive inspection, monitoring, education and emergency-response program; Work with other lake groups, local officials, land use boards and local, regional and state organizations to promote policies and initiatives to protect and benefit water quality; Support land preservation, including the protection of open space, shoreline vegetation and wise land use on the lakefront and in the watershed; and Educate landowners, businesses, recreational users and the general public on lake restoration issues and Task Force programs
The Give Local proceeds will allow for the ongoing operations of our mission. Our organization is funded exclusively through generous donations from concerned residents of the three communities bordering the lake (Washington, Warren and Kent), within its watershed area and throughout the region. Your funding will support our ongoing projects such as operation and maintenance of our extensive lake aeration system; regular monitoring of Lake water quality, invasive weed removal as well as a major erosion control project along Sucker Brook, the Lake’s main tributary. The Task Force has begun an ambitious and complex project to lessen the amount of silt that washes into the lake from numerous erosion sites along Sucker Brook. In addition to Sucker Brook, Lake Waramaug is faced with challenges that must be continually monitored and contained (algae, phosphorus). New threats (such as invasive aquatic plants and pollution from unchecked development) must be anticipated, researched and combated on scientific, educational and political fronts.

19 Sackett Hill Road
Warren, CT 06754

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