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Howard Whittemore Memorial Library

The Whittemore Library, Naugatuck’s “Community Connection”, strives to identify and provide for the social and economic needs of its patrons. We offer weekly pre-literacy support for our youngest patrons, connect teens and tweens to their library and community, offer audiences of all ages a wide diversity of entertaining and informative events, and provide support to those who need assistance with job searching, technology skills, and social services. Our outreach programs connect the library and community, offering support to those requiring assistance from social services, but on a social level, also connect non-traditional library users with literary and cultural programs. We provide patrons of all ages with a broad and balanced collection of library materials, including books, audiobooks, DVDs, tablets and downloadable books.
Funding from Give Local will be used to support our valuable pre-school programming. We plan to introduce new experiences to pre-school children beyond the traditional services provided at story times. We offer weekly programs that introduce and support pre-reading skills for very young children. The positive impact of programs that support pre-reading skills is an abiding joy. However, children also benefit from new experiences and relish meeting new visitors, particularly from the animal kingdom, and love sharing new songs and music while enjoying, learning, and adding value to their library experience. Enhanced literacy skills result from unique encounters that give reasons to communicate. Regular visits by performers and organizations that provide educational opportunities for very young children will be scheduled throughout the year, and will include petting zoos and live animals, artists who perform musical programs, and puppet shows.

243 Church Street
Naugatuck, CT 06770

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