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Friends of Beacon Falls Library

Per our Bylaws - to help provide good library services and promote good relationships between the Library and the town residents.
Please give to provide our library funds to be used for STEM and Arts programs for children. Our STEALTH DRAGONS team wants to compete in the FLL Challenge in November and needs $ to register. From a parent, "My son has always been a builder. From the time he was a toddler, you could find him building with blocks, Legos, boxes, sand- whatever he could use. In preschool, free time was always spent assembling things, and that continues to this day. Lego Robotics has been a great experience for him and we are thankful for the opportunities these students have at such a young age. The programming/coding piece has been something new and exciting and challenging-the end result of their hard work is always great to see in action. My husband jokes that he did a similar project in college, and struggled with it (at a university well known for its engineering programs) and now his son is showing him up in fifth grade." With your help, our Friends group can ALSO support Art Exploration programs and the BF Youth Theater Program. Please give as much as you can to support the STEM and ARTS programs at BFPL.

10 Maple Avenue
Beacon Falls, CT 06403

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