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FreeTHEM Foundation Inc

FreeTHEM Inc is established to assist Youth with exposed to addiction, to provide support to help Youth Learn and Grow from their Life Experiences and Love themselves enough to set goals for a successful future in a comforting and safe nonclinical environment; Building Trust and Hope gaining Dignity within to move past making excuses of why they cannot accomplish their dreams and work on ways they CAN. We want to aid Youth in releasing themselves from the bondage of their pain from their personal struggles of their exposure and promote a technique to use their inner strength towards recycling their lessons learned towards obtaining a positive, productive and unhindered future. This will help them feel better to do better and will also revitalize the unity families and promote positivity into our communities. Allowing them the visually see they are Powerful Tools of Change and can be the difference to someone else they received from FreeTHEM.
Monies collected will be used costs of obtaining insurance to provide programs and services to youth. All activities planned are to build connection to gain Trust and Hope with realization that recycling of their life experiences to redirect their problem solving techniques created to deal with the situations they have encounter towards themselves is possible; this redirection towards themselves is learning to team build on trust, hope and life long techniques for any circumstance, decision or situation.

82 Robert Street
1st Floor
Waterbury, CT 06710

(203) 518-5725
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