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FreeTHEM Foundation Inc

Our Mission is to assist youth to Learn and Grow from their Exposure to the disease of addiction and Love themselves enough to set goals for a successful future, as they see that to be. We are striving towards revitalizing the unity of families starting with the youth. Our vision is to help guide Youth realize that they are carrying baggage from their childhood experiences and we want to help them sort through it in order to release it; Freeing THEM; to recycle their life experiences using it as Life Seasoning towards a fruitful, productive, and unhindered future. Our goal is to teach them to replace their views of their lives issues and highlight their inner strengths' and work towards tomorrow each day; letting them see that they can eventually be the difference to someone else as they received from FreeTHEM Inc. FreeTHEM are adults who have overcame a childhood filled with the struggles from Parents who had addiction and in our own childhood we had struggles filled with negativities', but we did not allow any of it to hinder our growth; we used our experiences to empower our dreams for better future and to create FreeTHEM for others to benefit from our trail and tribulations. We Care to "B the Difference We Want 2 Feel" because we wished we had a Team like this when we needed the guidance. We are a Diverse TEAM designed just for the Youth from Individuals predisposed to addiction, to an addict, to a Parent who lost a child to addiction, to someone who was a drug dealer, drug gang member to an Individuals who never were exposed to addiction. FreeTHEM's foundation is based on deciding to move past the excuses of why we cannot get past letting go, working on finding ways of how we CAN, and making it happen; when we release the pain and use the struggles for gain.
Monies collected will be used for startup costs of Nonprofit towards supplies needed for services for participants (ages 12 and older). Targets are, but not limited to, overall cost of program work plans materials, food, beverages, snacks, insurance, program supplies and miscellaneous needs to run activities, services. Such as, creating realistic targets for each participant and working with them to attain goals. Engaging each Youth through individual work plans established with Youth continuously through Life Coaching and Mentoring, Support Groups, Workshops and Activities. Youth will continue to feel safe and comforted in a positive environment allowing each Youth the time and space to trust FreeTHEM's Team as they realize we get it because we lived it. All activities planned are to build connection, within individual and team building lessons, skills are for life long techniques.

82 Robert Street
Waterbury, CT 06710

(203) 518-5725
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