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Fortunate Blessings Foundation

Fortunate Blessings Foundation is dedicated to innovative education for the health and well-being of all. Our flagship initiative is Second Response, dedicated to building resilience in communities where it is needed most. We teach invaluable resiliency tools developed over years of working with international relief organizations helping communities rebuild after disaster and trauma. Now our programs directly servicing schools, hospitals, social service agencies, first responders, parents and many more create a ripple effect, ultimately forging a broader community that is built on resilience and care.
Schools are the center of communities and teachers are on the front line of every issue that arises each and every day for our children. The responsibility of schools to prepare our children for the future has never been greater. A gun has been fired on school grounds nearly once a week since the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School and many schools now have assigned uniformed and armed resource officers, and all have bomb threat protocols and lock-down drills. The accumulation of stress and trauma our children experience is daunting. In response, Second Response was asked to launch the School Resiliency Program, which seamlessly integrates our resiliency tools into the physical education curriculum, while also meeting Common Core Standards. We have begun the pilot in six Connecticut schools, but aim to expand the program to all Northwest Connecticut schools and beyond.

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