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Connecticut Women's Education and Legal Fund

CWEALF advocates for and empowers women and girls in CT, especially those who are underserved or marginalized. We work to create an equitable society where women and girls thrive. CWEALF addresses gender inequality, advances the rights, opportunities, and status of women and girls through: LEGAL INFORMATION & ACCESS: CWEALF bridges the justice gap by providing information about the legal rights of women, as well as connecting them with resources and providing individual support as they navigate the justice system. PUBLIC POLICY & ADVOCACY: CWEALF protects and promotes the rights of women and girls by identifying and articulating the challenges they face, and elevating their interests and voices through public policy and advocacy. ADVANCEMENT & LEADERSHIP INITIATIVES: CWEALF provides a platform for women’s voices, and promotes advancement opportunities for women and girls to reach their potential in school, at work, in the home, and in the community.
CWEALF cannot advocate for and empower women and girls in Connecticut without you. No contribution is too small to make a difference in the fight for fairness, justice and equity!

75 Charter Oak Avenue
Suite 1-300
Hartford, CT 06106

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