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Connecticut Association for Human Services

Founded in 1910, the CAHS works across sectors to improve opportunity and prosperity for Connecticut’s children and families by shaping policies and programs that significantly and measurably reduce poverty and promote a secure future. We are inspired by a belief in shared prosperity and the vision of a Connecticut where all children and families thrive and, regardless of income level, contribute to and share in the growth of our state. CAHS has taken the lead statewide in promoting family economic security policies and strategies that empower low-income working families to achieve financial stability, including improved access to basic needs, development of a system of quality early care and education and effective investments in post-secondary education and job training. CAHS assists providers and community leaders in linking lower-income residents to existing support programs and services throughout the state, including in Waterbury, Naugatuck, and Thomaston.

237 Hamilton Street
Suite 208
Hartford, CT 06106

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