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Caring for Bethlehem, Inc.

The spirit of Caring for Bethlehem comes from a long history of people giving time and resources selflessly to build the community of Bethlehem, Connecticut as we know it today. Recognizing that local response to local needs makes sense, and recognizing the constraints of time in today’s world and the desires of people to make a difference locally, Caring for Bethlehem builds community, develops programs to meet local needs, and makes it possible for volunteers to match their talents and availability with opportunities to serve.
Donations to Caring for Bethlehem, Inc. are distributed to assist those in need in Bethlehem. The programs supported by Caring for Bethlehem include: the Bethlehem Food Bank, the Bethlehem Comfort Closet, the Bethlehem Assistance Fund, and the Bethlehem Fuel Bank. A small portion of the funds donated is used to cover the minimal operating cost for the organization.

PO Box 5
Bethlehem, CT 06751

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