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Better Days Rescue Fund, Inc.

BDRF is an all volunteer, no kill, cage free, 501c3 nonprofit organization. We have been rescuing abandoned cats for about 10 years. We don't turn out backs on cats or kittens that many consider "unadoptable". We rescue every cat we have space and funding for. We rescue feral cats, FIV+, deaf, injured, older cats,and any other cat that we can help regardless of their adoptability. We feel that EVERY LIFE is important and if we can bring better days and quality of life to a cat that has suffered for years just trying to survive in the most unfathomable conditions, then we make every effort to do it. We show them kindness, love and understanding of their physical or behavioral issues. They reward us by flourishing, by loving their life and transforming into wonderful and beautiful companions. If they are not adopted they live in our sanctuary for their natural life and they are loved.
Better Days is currently raising funds for the ongoing care of our sanctuary residents. We are especially in need of funding for a safe out door enclosure. This is a necessity for our long term residents and feral cats. The outdoor enclosure will keep them safe while they enjoy the sun, trees and grass - enriching their lives. If they cannot be in a home we want to make their life the best we possibly can. We are looking to create a "cat habitat" on the current property.

229 Bacon Pond Road
Woodbury, CT 06798

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