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Arts Escape Inc

Arts Escape Inc. provides Arts and Culture Enrichment and Educational Programs and Workshops for adults. Its mission is to use the Arts proactively to prevent the social isolation that often accompanies aging and can lead to physical, mental, and emotional deterioration and a decreased quality of life. Arts Escape provides individuals the opportunity to learn and create in the arts which has shown to improve problem solving, increase self-esteem, and build interpersonal skills. Arts Escape’s community of adult learners are aging creatively and positively. Adults today, transitioning to or already retired, view this time of their lives as an opportunity for personal growth and social engagement. Arts Escape’s principle services are on-going enrichment programs through performances, lectures, classes, workshops. Our primary clients are adults whose lives are enriched with individual and collective purpose, value and creativity from their participation.
Funds raised through Give Local will aide us in staff, instructor and program development. Our Goal is 20K this year and all funds raised over our Goal will be applied to a scholarship fund for those that have limited resources.

88 Main Street South
Southbury, CT 06488

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