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Animal Welfare Society, Inc.

AWS has 53 years of experience as an independent, non-destroy, non-profit animal rescue. Every animal that enters our doors is no longer unwanted. First and always we care for the health of our animals. This enhances our mission to find each one the best home. The dogs and cats come to us as strays, owner surrenders or through other rescue efforts. As each one enters our care they are involved with shelter staff, veterinarians, veterinary technicians, trainers and volunteers who are members of our team. Multiplied by the hundreds of animals we welcome each year, the scope of the AWS mission is impressive. Every cat or dog receives a medical exam from our network of local veterinarians and their staffs who share our commitment. Many require additional treatment. The costs for this runs well over $100,000 annually. In 2017 we welcomed 473 cats and dogs and provided them with top notch, loving care.
We need significant funding for our medical expenses that totaled over $113,000 in 2017. Our veterinary costs continue to increase due to an influx of dogs and cats that are seriously neglected and/or in need of extensive surgeries for injuries. We routinely accept senior pets that have more complicated medical needs. The resurgence of heartworm in dogs demands several months of precise, expensive treatment.

8 Dodd Road
New Milford, CT 06776

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